Peach French Toast Bake

I just made this delicious dish for a baby shower that I helped host this weekend! We had a brunch, so one of the dishes served was Ellie Krieger's Peach French Toast Bake. You can find it here.

This dish was SUPER easy to make! I was actually really impressed, and I will make it again!

Here are a few things I did differently.
  1. First off, I didn't use lemon juice, so this is optional.
  2. Also I used real peaches, since it's summer and peaches are in season. I did take off the skin. This is easy to do if you make a small x on the bottom of the peach and then boil them a couple minutes. This loosens the skin. Take them out of the pot and let them cool! (COOL!) Then try to take off the skin. It slides right off.
  3. Also instead of whole wheat baguettes, I used challah bread (pronounced holla!) from Whole Foods.
  4. I also think I put a lot more cinnamon and brown sugar on it than she had in this pic. Makes it extra yummy!
  5. And I arranged the peach slices so they spooned each other, neatly in lines. I think this made the recipe MUCH prettier than the picture, but shh don't tell Ellie that!
This recipe was a big hit! I hope you enjoy it too!

And yes, I will post baby shower pics soon too!


  1. This looks fantastic!! Gotta love fresh summer peaches! Hope you had fun at the baby shower!


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