29 Weeks

This was taken earlier this week at one of my baby showers - at 29 weeks! I've had two now, and I have one more coming up! So exciting! More shower pics to come. But here's an update...

I am loving getting the baby's room ready. Again, pics to come... slooowly that is.

I've also been getting more tired... hi, third trimester.

Also I'm in the process of switching doctors... okay really switching from my OB to a midwife. I have been reading more about natural birth and decided that a midwife has more of the mindset I'm looking for. Not to worry - I'll still be delivering in the hospital and under great care, should anything unexpected creep up. I'm excited though to have the extra care, attention, and natural birth specialization that a midwife offers!

Oh and here's a pic from today  at almost 30 weeks...

 And PS check out my cute nephew, born two weeks ago! His dog sister Caylee got jealous and needed attention too... left to right: Brendon (my hubby), nephew Connor, dog Caylee, and brother-in-law Ryan aka the new father. 


  1. you look great! That's so funny how your niece puppy had to have attention too. Looks like your hubby may be a natural. :) Hope things go smoothly with your doctor transition!

  2. Such a great photo - I just realized that you and my husband's niece (she's our age) are exactly the same number of weeks along. :-) We always pray she makes it to 30 weeks as she has some issues (this is child #4). Our miracle nephew was born at I think 26 weeks and overcame so much!

    Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. Love your pics! You should email some to our group since not everyone checks your blog. :)


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