17 Months!

Lilleigh is 17 months old!

Trying to steal a purse from the mannequin. The girl has style!

Not happy that Mommy was holding another baby. She immediately came up to my lap with her baby doll and say in it.

Laying down with Sammy, watching Nemo.

At 17 months, Lilleigh...
  • Makes fish faces and noises!
  • Makes lots of funny faces! She loves making her eyes really big and smiling until her face shakes. Funny because I totally used to do this!
  • Talks up a storm, but this shouldn't surprise anyone. She's been chatty since day 1. Some days I am worn out when Brendon comes home, simply from listening to her chat! Again, I totally did this, so I know, I know - I had it coming.
  • Loves to sit in those Little Tykes cars. Our neighbors have one, so we just borrow theirs. If she had her own, surely she wouldn't even notice it!
  • Loooves Elmo and calls him "Melmo!" She will sit and watch a good chunk of Elmo - maybe 20-30 minutes! Nemo is a favorite also - "Memo." It can be hard to distinguish between the two!
  • Tickles herself and others, while saying "tick, tick, tick" ;)
Here's a video of her funny faces and cute giggle! Oh I love her!


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