Ad-Meier-ing Montana

We finally made it to visit our sweet friends, the Meiers, in Montana! I went to SMU with Nora. We were Chi Omegas together, roommates my junior year, and great friends. Brendon and Andrew both went to Baylor and became friends through Nora and me. They have the same hilarious sense of humor. Love that. If you're married, you know that married friendships look different because ideally with couple friends, both the husband and wife click with their counterparts. With some couples, this has come easily for us, and with others, it's taken work. But the Meiers are one of those couples that, as couples, we totally click. Love that! They're gems. And just to brag on them a bit more - they were amazing hosts! Nora was so thoughtful to grab anything we might need at the store, including diapers, to make it easier for us when traveling. And they had great meals planned for each night and adventures, each day!

A few of the highlights from our trip...
  • Local nature reserve with all local animals (think: small zoo)
  • One of the world's top 10 playgrounds - who knew it would be in Red Lodge, MT?
  • Hiking, even though we definitely took the wrong trail. Still so beautiful! I'm pretty sure this was Lil's least favorite part of the trip though... she hated being in the Ergo. 
  • Cabela's, where we saw lots of animals (dead... and stuffed...) and just tons of great outdoors stuff. It sounds not fun, but with the Meiers, it's totally fun!
Fam pic from our hike

Brendon with  mountain goats! He would have loved to bring them home, but he has a mean wife.

Celebrating that I went to the bathroom outside. It was only like my third (and fourth!) time ever!! Also notice the North Face I'm wearing. Comfiest fleece ever. And super cute. I need to find one in this style... (Borrowed from Nora)

Nora! She's due with Juliet in just 7 weeks! She looks amazing.

We are so brave. We entered Grizzly Country!

{More photos to come... my computer is being weird}

We also visited a playground in the neighborhood just over from the Meiers, and it is the coolest neighborhood I've ever seen. Obsessed. It's focused on community living. Houses basically trade a backyard for a massive front yard, shared among community members. Okay so that's doesn't sound cool, but trust me. It was beautiful and amazing. Can you imagine what a tight knit community that must foster?? Check out Josephine Crossing! If living there didn't mean crazy cold winters, I'd probably be begging Brendon to move there.


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