A Letter to My 6-Month-Old Adeline

To my sweet Adeline,

My second born. You are now half a year old! That is hard to believe. I feel I've barely blinked my eyes since you were born in August. One more blink and you will be one, crawling and into everything, eating everything you can get your hands on, and most likely on the verge of walking.

You and your big sister will be getting into all kinds of trouble together, which will have me nervous to take my eyes off of you, but oh the fun you two are about to have! Even now, Lilleigh is constantly asking to hold you, squeezing you tight, singing to you, and longing to play. It won't be long...

You are sitting up, assisted. Playing on your play mat and in your exersaucer are some of your favorite things. And while you are totally content to play, your favorite place to be is in someone's arms. I really can't say I blame you.

I love the way your dimple in the apple of your left cheek shows every time you smile and squeal. And I love your sweet second dimple in the side of that same cheek that shows only when you truly laugh or smile really big. Thankfully, we see both dimples a lot. You are one happy girl!

You are also an excellent sleeper. Thank you for sleeping, my child! Sometimes I even turn on the video monitor to find you laying there awake, happy. Just so you know, your sister never would have done that! She has her own strengths, but being happy alone in her crib was not one of them. Angel baby, you are! You wake up to eat around 6 and then sleep until 8:30 or 9. You morning nap is roughly 10-12, and your afternoon, 1-3. You dropped your third nap this month, so you have a long stretch of awake time in the late afternoon, when we get to play - or run errands! Some days you still beg for that third nap and are so happy to sleep once you are in your crib. On days when you skip that third nap, most days, you go to bed around 6 or 6:30. Lately you have woken up sometimes around 7, just in time for story time with your big sis... it's like you know what you're missing. Your Pappy says that we will joke about how no one saw you for the first year of your life because you were always sleeping. He may be right!

You are a little smaller than your big sis was at this age. You can still fit into 3-6 month clothing, though you are mainly in 6 month. You are in size 2 diapers still and weighing right around 14.5 lbs. (Not precise because Mommy weighed you on the home scale.) I think we are taking a break from cloth diaper for a couple of weeks because you seem to be in that awkward in between fit on some of them, which actually confirms to me that I wasn't doing anything wrong when your sis went through this. Oh what confirmation, the second baby brings to Momma!

Your eyes are still blue! I do see a hint of brown to them, so I wonder if they will turn, or if they will be blue with a green/brown center, like mine. Your eyes (in shape) look like your Dad's in baby pictures, though there is still definitely something of Mom's in them.

We will most likely start you on solids this month. I've held out until now, and since you are currently getting over a cold, we will wait a little longer. 

You have been drooling and gnawing a ton! And for the last 3 weeks, your bottom gums have been swollen with the bump of a tooth trying to come in. No teeth yet, but I'm sure it won't be long!

I cannot wait to see more how uniquely God has made YOU! You are so precious to us. A perfect gift from the Lord. We are so thankful.


**It's really hard for a non-professional to take photos and try to keep the toddler out of the baby pics... best we could get! ;)


  1. Crazy how quick they grow! It is fun that our kids (besides Sophie) are almost all exactly the same age. I like seeing what your girls are up to in comparison to mine (in a good way--you know :)


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