New floors!

Recently hubby put in new hardwood floors (engineered) in our front room! It was carpet before, which made our dining room table a waste, honestly. With little kids, we just really never wanted to eat there and risk getting food all over the carpet. Since we have a breakfast nook, we always ate there. And we are sorta running out of space there! Sooo to better utilize our house, enjoy it more, and increase the value, we went for hardwoods.

Here's a "before" from a few years ago. A few things changed, like the desk on the left, where we had the piano and a giant desk area out of the photo. And the can lights Brendon recently added. The rest was pretty similar though.

And now for the hardwoods...

And here is the room all ready for Lil's party just days after this hu-mungo project! So glad it was finished in time! Whew. Notice we rearranged. The piano is now against the wall that isn't seen in the photo, where a giant desk once was. So glad that is now gone! Much more space! And the girls' Pottery Barn Anywhere chairs are sitting where the craft table is in this party photo.

Hubs worked really hard on these! And don't they look great? So proud of him!! There's a little bit left to do, but we are loving them! We've been eating at the dining room table a lot. My hope is eventually to make our eat in breakfast nook area a computer area and also to put the girls' little table there. That said, we are so used to having a table there that it may be awhile before taking that plunge.

And sorry that there aren't any photos of him working on them. Those are all on his phone and haven't made it to my computer...


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