Gorgeous fall

These last few weeks we have been taking advantage of this amazing weather that has captured the metroplex! The docket has been full and keeping us super busy - because we all know this weather doesn't last long! 

Lilleigh has been begging for months to ride on the Dart, which is our city's public transportation system. She specifically wanted to ride the light rail. So a couple weekends ago Brendon and I loaded up our girls and rode the Dart from our local light rail station (just a few miles from us) all the way downtown. 

Adeline thought the train was a little loud. 

Once downtown, we walked a block and hopped onto the trolley, which is always free, and took it to Klyde Warren park. Klyde Warren is this genius of a park located in the middle of downtown Dallas. It's located on top of the freeway. There's always lots going on - everything from a kiddie playground to an open lawn with live music and even yoga to food trucks lining the park. An all-around awesome place.

While this isn't a great picture, it's the best I have that captures the actual park.

Also exciting - Anabelle showed up at my house this weekend. Actually she showed up in my room as I was napping. Brendon said he walked into the living room and saw her standing there. Cree-py. But also awesome. Best surprise ever! It had been a rough couple days, and God knew I needed a surprise visit from my sissy! 

Lilleigh loved having Anabelle here too. She was immediately put to work pulling Anabelle around in her chariot! 

We had planned to go camping this weekend, but the campsites we wanted to go to were full. And truly we didn't care for a 2-hour road trip. So we came up with plan B... A backyard camp out! 

We may have all ended up in our beds. Because why be on a cot or the ground if you don't have to be? (Actually Lilleigh would've preferred to stay outside...) 

But as good campers do, we continued on the next morning as if we had stayed outside all night. A yummy campfire breakfast of pancakes was served by my awesome Eagle Scout hubby. The girls are already asking when we can camp in the backyard again!

Oh we've also been doing tons of outdoor crafts. Tons of painting, woodworking, and other DIY projects! Today I finished painting some signs, and Lilleigh helped me with our front porch decor! 

Next up - pumpkin carving!


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