Our girlies

These two girls keep their Mommy and Daddy so busy! In the very best way.

Lilleigh has started to stay up listening to audiobooks, reading books, or quietly hanging out with me during rest time. As long as she's quiet and has some time to herself (and Mommy has time to herself), I'm good with it. And for those of you wondering, she has been going to bed easier! I don't think it's solely just the rest hour thing though. I think it's also a combination of: the novelty of having little sis in her room has worn off; Adeline is in her trundle rather than sharing the big bed; and we started to be more firm on bedtime. So it's probably the perfect combo. Either way, bedtime has become easier. Does Lil still sing herself to sleep? Sometimes. :) Adeline is used to it.

Lilleigh's answers questions, answers, and stories keep me laughing. The other day I overheard her talking to her friend.
Friend: What's your Mommy's name?
Lil: Ashleigh.
Friend: What's your Daddy's name?
Lil: B-Bear.
{Of course, I was dying laughing in the other room. I texted Brendon and relayed to him the convo immediately.}

Lilleigh is the known question asker in the house. And Adeline has picked up on this. Lots of "why? why?" I really don't think it occurs to her to ask a question, so much as it is just fun to do whatever big sis does. And big sis asks questions, so little sis needs to follow suit.

Adeline is so very active. She's learned that in order to make the tricycle move, she needs to pedal. She is still hit or miss with how successful her pedaling is, but either way, I'm amazed she's figured it out! She is definitely a coordinated girly!

The other day as I was changing her diaper (potty training = a failed attempt... more on that later), she started kicking. I told her very firmly not to kick me, but that if she wanted to kick something that she could go outside and kick the ball when I was finished. Sure enough, a few minutes later she was out in the front yard swinging her foot in the air trying to kick the ball on the ground.

And you can't push Adeline too high on the swing or too fast on her ride on toys. We have yet to reach her limit.

I think I mentioned the potty training not going so swell before. Well, I've given up for the moment. Sometimes when we are at home, if she wants to wear panties, I let her. But I don't have high expectations. I do think developmentally she may not be there, but I also think her resistance has kicked in. I do wonder how she would have done had we started this in May when she originally expressed interest. But oh well. I'm betting this winter she will get back on the bandwagon. One can hope!

Last story for the day and then I'm off to nap while the house is quiet and everyone is "resting." About a month ago, we were getting ready to leave, and I was letting the girls play on the front steps and the walkway while I packed up the car. I opened the car door to let them get in their seats while I ran back inside for a sweater. That was all of 20 seconds. Max. No sooner had I grabbed the sweater than I heard Adeline crying hysterically. I ran outside to see exactly what I feared. Lilleigh had shut the van door on Adeline's hand. It was a total accident of course, though it was definitely sparked by a determination to keep little sis from stealing her seat. Thankfully Adeline was just fine. (I did call a nurse friend and our pediatrician to be sure.) Thankfully this story does have a redeeming moment for sweet Lil.

We continued on our way to the Nest, a moms event where I serve at our church. I checked the girls into childcare ("Training Ground") and went on my way. I did send Adeline with an ice pack and warned them that she may be off today after the morning's events. Adeline was having a hard time (aka she wouldn't stop crying), so one of the sweet teachers (who also babysits for us and knows our family well) went and got Lilleigh out of her class and brought her to Addie's, to help calm her down. And lo and behold, it worked! Lilleigh said Adeline just calmed right down and sat in Lilleigh's lap. She stayed in the class a bit to play with Addie and help her adjust, before returning to her class.

Love those sweet girlies! 


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