Balloons, Camping, Mercy, and Chicks

Seriously this should've posted a couple weeks ago... Oops :) 

These last few weeks have been so busy!! 

On Good Friday, we sent off balloons for Austen, our tradition on the anniversary of his passing. 

Easter weekend we went camping. I began the week with the crazy sleep experiment to see if I could reverse my circadian rhythm. And we ended with camping - because what's better for sleep than being in nature? The second night I slept like a rock. It was amazing. I'm not entirely sure my sleep experiment held but it helped for a time... I'm still deciding. Camping was way fun though!

Adeline was my snuggle buddy.

And we came home to meet Mercy Belle Wideman!! 

I love this precious momma!

Speaking of mommas, we decided to let our broody hen sit on fertilized eggs. After candling all six, only one has potential to hatch. I'm hopeful but not counting on it. It's been a fun experience nonetheless!



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