Meet our baby chick!

Meet our broody hen Honey. Someone recently posted on Facebook some fertilized chicken eggs, so we let Honey sit on them. This was both to make the most of her broodiness, have a homeschool lesson in chicks, and to hopefully get a new hen out of the deal. 

When I came out to see her with them out in front of her, I was a little concerned. 

We candled her eggs to find out if any were viable. From that, I found there was one potential. I wasn't holding my breath.

It takes 21 days for eggs to hatch. On day 22, I told Brendon I would give that egg one more day to hatch. That evening he came in and asked if I had wondered why Honey was being broodier than normal. (Umm no, I wasn't. Broody is broody.) Then he led me outside and lifted her up. 

Eeek a chick!! 

Seriously this has been such a fun experience! And the best part is momma hen is raising the chick, so literally all we have to do is provide shelter, food, and water! (FYI chicks are easy to kill when you raise them heat lamp style. Temperature has to be exactly right.) 

So here we are chickie guardians! No real name yet because we can't agree, and we won't know gender until it's around 5 months old. 

If you want to come see the chick, hurry up because she will be on the awkward teen phase SOON! She's already growing feathers. (I say "she" because I'm hopefully baby chick is a girl... That would be so sad to raise it for five months and then for it to be a rooster...😖)


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