An Apology

I am realizing now that something I said in the birth story post came out in a way I had not intended. When I mentioned my theory on milk coming in, I in no way meant that as a diss towards anyone who chose (or had the decision made for them, for that matter) an epidural. Reading some of your comments and rereading my post, I can see how that must have sounded. But I hope that in my story above it was clear that I totally get why moms choose epidurals, even though for me the benefits of natural outweighed the pain endurd without one.

What I had meant in my comment was that from what I have heard from my midwife, lactation consultants, and moms who have had both natural and medicated births is that generally (not always) natural birth babies are more alert at birth (relatively speaking) and, thus, active eaters. (You can see why a lactation consultant would know that last part.) So hearing that and having a baby that on that third day would not. stop. eating. made me wonder if maybe all of this was associated with pain when breastmilk comes in. But correlation does not equal causation. There will always be exceptions on both sides, and yes, I know of both. Please remember this is just my thought, my curiosity, not an area I've studied.

I hope that clarifies. And I hope you'll accept my apology if that statement did come across rudely. I am sorry. That was not my intent.


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