Lil turned 6 weeks yesterday! And just a few days before that she started responding to us with coos and smiles!! Love it! Here are some pics and a great video!

Also Lil loves looking at herself in the mirror! I'll lay her on her playmat, and she'll just stare at herself. So intrigued! I'm not sure if she realizes it's her or not... I'm pretty sure she doesn't. But either way, she loves staring at herself! Especially while listening to Mr. Seahorse.

I also recently made her this awesome bow!

...which she then pulled off!

I'm linking up my little craft...


  1. She is so adorable! What a sweet, exciting blessing! There is nothing better than a baby's sweet noises!

  2. She is such a cutie! Wanted to ask about the Mr. Seahorse your always talking about..what exactly is it and where did you get it????

  3. Hey Melanie! I actually linked to Mr Seahorse above. Check it out! You can get it on Amazon or at BabiesRUs. :)

  4. Oh and my nephew has one too and loves him. That's how we found out about him.

  5. She is absolutely adorable. I love that you are making your own bows. You are entering what I like to refer to as the honey moon phase with your little's the best. :) You will do anything and everything for that smile and coo. Have a great week!


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