I could do a happy dance - AND look good doing it!

No this is not a picture of me and sweet Lil. I took it from How Mama Got Her Swag Back
Funny baby weight post actually. Check it out.

I am thrilled to report that since my baby weight complaint, I have lost 5 lbs! Yea! And that's something, especially since we went to Colorado and then Houston and ate terribly. I was dreading stepping on the scale. I was feeling terrible about myself. But my curiosity got the best of me. I stepped on the scale and cringed. But then I opened my eyes.


Only 12 lbs to go! I am making progress!! And funny thing. Once I stepped off the scale, I was beaming. Five minutes before I had been feeling awful about my weight and my body and suddenly I felt like a superstar. Funny how that works.

I'm not sure what I'm doing. I am trying to eat healthier, but I already confessed about the unhealthy food we ate while traveling. I am walking daily, but I've been doing that pretty much since Lil was born and before. I did recently start doing jumping jacks though. A friend of mine told me she thought she lost her baby weight quicker because she did 500 jumping jacks a day - broken up into ten sets of fifty. Well, I haven't made it to 500, or anywhere close. I'm having trouble remembering and finding time to do so many sets! But I have made it to 150. That's something. Apparently it's paying off.


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