Big sis update!

There are a lot of Adeline updates around here, but let's not forget who came first! #firstbornlove Today's post is all about big sis Lilleigh.

Sweet Lilleigh loves to dress up and sing! She also loves to dance and is signed up to take ballet this fall! Pink and frills. What more does a girly girl need? 

Being 3, she loves all princesses, but Lilleigh has been on an Ariel kick lately and keeps telling me she wants an Ariel dress. This weekend I found a great deal on our swap site on an Ariel dress. I told Lilleigh we could get it if she earned the money by selling some of her toys. She had to choose the toys and help me take photos to post them. She earned the money, and today we picked up the dress! Lessons learned - things cost money, earning money, giving up old toys for new ones, counting money, patience, the list goes on. She was ecstatic to pick up the dress today! Can you guess what she's currently wearing? 

This girl is also bright. So so smart. She picks up vocabulary quickly, loves animal cracker math (school mom), and remembers everything. She also asks a million questions a day. Okay so I haven't counted, but if I had to guess, I'd probably go with 246. My boy mom friends tell me I have it easy not chasing after boys. While my legs may not ache, my brain seriously hurts by naptime! Or "rest time" as Lilleigh calls it these days since most of the time she plays independently and doesn't nap. But you better believe we still have rest time. Did you read the part about all the questions? 

We are still on the homeschool track. I use a curriculum with Lilleigh called God's Little Explorers that I found online from a blogger. I have been so impressed with it, and Lilleigh loves explorer school! 

Lilleigh is a fantastic big sis! Adeline adores her. And though I frequently have to remind Lilleigh to be gentle, she is such a huge help with Adeline and loves her like crazy. I'm constantly reminding Lilleigh when there's a tiff (usually not wanting to share) that Adeline will be (and is) her best friend so she needs to be sweet. 

I am so crazy about this sweet 3-year-old! She is full of life and tons of fun! 


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