Summertime update!

July was a busy month, so I am playing catch up!

In June, our 3-year-old friend Shepherd fell in a pool a drowned/ nearly drowned (not sure proper wording). He has quite the story, and miraculously (glory to God) survived and is his normal sweet self! It's a complete miracle. I won't go into the whole long story here, but you can read more on their Facebook page. Anyway we prayed like crazy for sweet Shep. So so thankful for the recovery he has made!

At the end of June we drove to Houston to celebrate my grandparents' 50th anniversary. I love these two! Their marriage has really blessed me, and yes, I tell them that. 

The first part of July is always busy with the 4th, our anniversary, and Brendon's birthday all jam-packed in that first week and a half. (Now that I've said that, our next child will totally be born in those first 10 days!) 

We celebrated 7 years on 7/7! We got a babysitter (Lilleigh's favorite childcare worker from church, Ms Jen. Lilleigh seriously loves her!) and went to grab pizza. We sorta "cheated" because we used Brendon's free Grimaldi's pizza birthday coupon on out anniversary rather than his birthday (and you should know that the two cannot be mixed... Ahem) but it was awesome to be able to go there childless! 

Three days later Brendon turned 30! He's so not into birthdays (despite the fact that coinciding with our anniversary is something he will never let me forget), so as much as I wanted to throw a huge party, I knew that would not bless him. Sooo we did a fun little birthday dinner out with some friends and celebrated his 30th and another friend's 29th. 

And let's not forget Cow Appreciation Day. Free Chick-fil-A? Yes please. And don't mind that some random guy thought asking his wife to take our photo meant we wanted him in it... 

We've had a full garden this summer too! 

We also led in Merge, our church's premarital ministry, this summer. It really blesses us to poor into others' relationships, and it encourages us to work on our own! We had a great table!

We just got back from a family reunion (Brendon's mom's side) in Colorado. It was so fun! We are recovering and exhausted. I'll post more pics from that soon. I'm hoping to get some family photos uploaded and emailed to me first.

We are now gearing up for Adeline's first birthday! Happy end of summer! Enjoy August!


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