Turning One and A Not So Sunny Sunshine Birthday Party!

Sweet girl turned one a week and a half ago! We celebrated with a "You are my sunshine" party, during which it was only natural that a total unexpected freak monsoon hit. So our splash party was moved inside! At least we had a ball pit to move inside for the kids to play in!

Mommy and Lilleigh made her birthday cake with a number one on top out of sprinkles! And our sweet friend Katie made Adeline a smash cake shaped like a sun! Adeline ate her cake, but I think she was intimidated by the size of the smash cake. She just stared at it.

Just days before her birthday, Adeline started crawling! She had been army crawling for about a month, but she finally started using her knees to crawl! And just days after she began pulling up on everything! Adeline is now getting all sorts bumps and bruises on her head from falling over, but she's learning! 

Now that Adeline is everywhere, I have to watch her like a hawk! Earlier this week I found her (meaning I turned around from being 4 ft from her) in the laundry basket, head first, dangling, and laughing! And then yesterday I caught her eating Lilleigh's snake she made out of crayola clay, which is thankfully non-toxic! (Thank you, Watermark childcare, for ordering non-toxic supplies!) She's a mess. Keeping Momma on her toes.

On that note, Adeline has also started arching her back and throwing herself back more frequently. Lilleigh did this too, but maybe not as much? I probably just don't remember it. After being head butt last night by this darling and having a small busted lip, I'm ready to nip that back arching in the bud!

Something that has caught me totally off guard is how sensitive Adeline seems to be. On a few occasions, I have told Adeline (in my gentle yet firm voice) not to throw food or not to put something (small plastic ring, etc) in her mouth, and she has just looked down, stuck out that bottom lip, and burst into tears. Sweet thing! I'm hopeful that might make discipline easier, but given her temper she's already showing in her back arching, I'm really not sure! We shall see.

Still, Adeline is such a happy girl! Very content. She's definitely become more of a Mommy's girl and has had a harder time going to others in the last few months. But I am pretty sure once I'm gone, she's great!

Lastly, Adeline looooves her big sis and laughs and laughs at her! Whenever I say Lilleigh's name, Adeline lunges forward as if wanting to go to her or to find her. It is so fun to see them together! 


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