Colorado: Together at the Homestead

We recently got back from a family reunion in Colorado! It was Brendon's mom's side of the family. Twenty-one people in all. We drove there (quite the roadtrip) and then stayed in Brendon's grandparents' guest house for the week. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and having all of the little ones together! We took probably one million pictures (okay, slight exaggeration), and yet the little ones totally stole the lens... so sorry to those we didn't get photos of! {My cheeks are burning... sorry y'all.} I'll post a photo of the whole fam once we get those back!

How was the car ride? Adeline actually did really well that first TWELVE hour day, but after that she was done. Sweet girl. And I had tons of activities for Lilleigh on the way there, but on the way home, she pretty much watched the iPad the whole time. Next time I'd be more thoughtful for the way back too! I think I was spent also though. In fact, I actually needed some mommy time after the trip, so I hired our sweet college babysitter! Money well-spent.

Okay, onto the photos...


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