As most of you know, I'm currently interning for my counseling masters program. I haven't shared much because obviously, things are confidential. I have one good terrible story though that because of the nature of it doesn't seem to fall under "counseling," so I'll share.

Last night we had one of those "worst case scenarios" with a support group we were asked to facilitate - just as facilitators, not counselors. They didn't want leaders, but someone unrelated to the group pulled us in without telling them! Who does that?! So there was a clear lack of communication to us and to them from the start.

We introduced ourselves, and just began by opening it up, asking what they liked about the group and what they didn't. No counseling jargon or anything intimidating. One of the ladies broken the ice and said that if we came back, she would not because this was a grassroots program that did not require leaders. Great. This was basically how the whole painful hour and a half went. Then at the end of the night one man told us, "Nice meeting you. No offense, but I hope I don't see you again." Cool.


  1. Days like that...Hope your next experience is a little more positive! :)


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