Spring WAS here

Last week I found myself joyous at the start of spring. Trees and flowers had begun blooming. The sky was blue. Lawns had begun turning green. I was walking around truly in awe of the beauty of spring. Hubby, Sammy, and I even had a picnic in our backyard on Friday night. It was wonderful!

Here are some pictures I took to document spring.

Our peach tree is blooming and budding!

The last of my winter flowers. Hangin' in there!

My peonies sprouting... okay so it came from a bulb. But it looks spring-y, right?

Then Saturday morning we woke up to bitter cold. And Sunday we woke up to snow! Friday it was 70, and Sunday there was snow - on the ground!

Happy spring! March 21, 2010! Supposedly this week we'll be back in the 70s. I hope so!


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