The Prius

This is a sad sight isn't it? About a month ago the Prius got into a little fender bender. I was driving along the 75 access road, protected, I might add, by a solid white line to my left. (For those of you who don't know - technically you can cross a solid white line AT YOUR OWN RISK. Otherwise, don't cross.) The car to my left (on the other side of the solid white line) decided it wanted to pull into the parking lot on my right and cut across my lane, directly in front me. The driver did not switch lanes. She cut across my lane.

It's taken almost a month with insurance to figure out who's at fault because that driver was saying I rear ended her... even though the pictures of her damage and cop report clearly show differently. (I hit her at her back right tire - so on her passenger side.) Finally insurance came back saying she's responsible. Duh. Yea! That means the Prius is getting fixed!

I had come to terms with the Prius looking like this for the rest of its life. Since it is just a car, I wasn't convinced that I should spend $950 to repair it. Big repair, huh? Like I said, it's just a thing. So I was going to let it be. But then I got the news that her insurance would cover it, so why not?

The lesson I learned from all this is? Always get a police report. I've heard otherwise. I think my dad actually always told me not to. But when that lady insisted I was at fault and wanted me to sign something (never sign anything), I thought maybe we should get the police over there. Even with insurance, the other woman kept changing her story. That looked sketchy in itself. But with no witnesses, the police report provided an objective report taken at the time of the accident, rather than weeks later when they get your statement.

The Prius will be glad to be back to new!


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