Young Life

All four years of college, I volunteered as a Young Life leader for Highland Park. I loved being able to love on kids and teach them about Jesus. Especially in a place like Highland Park. A lot of people think time ministering is better spent in the inner city. No doubt, that's important. But the kids in Highland Park have everything - a new car, new Gucci bag, the latest Tori Burch shoes. The last thing they think they need is Jesus. What could He possibly give them that they don't have? So showing them their need for Him is no easy task. There were times I just wanted to quit because they barriers those kids put up can seem impossible to penetrate. But then, I always stayed. And God gave me a few girls that loved Him and taught me a lot along the way too. Their faith encouraged me to see the potential in their classmates.

Not only was I a leader in college, ministering to kids, but Young Life at SMU (leadership training) is where I learned what it means to walk with Christ. It's where I was first discipled and held accountable for my actions. And my team for HP YL was amazing. The taught me so much. And the kids taught me even more.

After college, I stopped volunteering with Young Life. I wanted to be in ministry with my husband, and his schedule didn't allow for Young Life. Still, its always held a place in my heart, and it will continue to. I'll always support it however I can - if that means opening up our home to them or supporting them with a monthly donation.

For some reason though, HP YL has always had trouble raising the support needed to stay in the community. What's ridiculous is that in Highland Park the people have the money to give, but that new car just seems more important. Sadly, this year, like many other years, HP YL didn't raise the support needed. The raised drastically less. Not even enough to keep going. So until HP realizes their desire for Young Life and commit to it with their time, efforts, and finances, there will be no Young Life in HP.

It makes me sad because I know that in all my time as a leader, Young Life meant so much to me. And like I said, despite that "we have it altogether" mentality, HP is in desperate need of Jesus. I pray that God will reveal that to some of His followers in the community. And that He'll use the other Christian ministries to reveal Himself in a powerful way.


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