Happy Halloween!

Before the day is over, we just wanted to say Happy Halloween!

And a few photos from our Halloween block party tonight, which we hosted. (Momma is exhausted from cleaning and cooking all day!!)

Baby monkey and Momma monkey

Sweet baby monkey

Two monkeys and their zoo keeper.

The best part of Brendon's costume was this awesome stuffed monkey whose arms wrapped around his neck and hung there. He wore it the first part of the night, but then it went missing. Too bad it didn't make the photo! It was pretty great! Oh and I had on yellow converses with my kiddie monkey costume. Also great. We came across these amazing costumes at my BFF Randi's mother-in-law's house... in her costume ROOM. {Their house is basically a huge play ground.}

For our party, we, along with three other couples, made the chili and everyone else brought sides, drinks, desserts, etc. It worked out well! And thankfully we had more than enough chili... there was 50+ people!!

We hung out in the backyard because it was a BEAUTIFUL night! And the kiddos loooved the chickens! The chickens remained in their coop, but our backyard was like the main attraction at the zoo!

I'd say our first annual Halloween block party was a success!


  1. Love it! Looks like Lil had a good time too! Congrats on the block party success..sounds like a fun time!

  2. She is so beautiful! Love the themed family costumes!

  3. So fun! Reminds me of our annual Halloween parties when we you were growing up! We had chili every year! Yummy!
    I love your monkey costumes w/ B being the zoo keeper!
    Big week! Happy almost birthday my sweet Kitten... Oops, I mean monkey! ; )
    XOXO! Momma cat


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