Trip to the Arboretum!

Brendon's mom's best friend, Margaret, lives up here in Dallas. And she invited Lilleigh and me to go to the arboretum with her! This time of year is such a fun time to go too! The weather is cool and BEAUTIFUL! And there are pumpkins everywhere! Definitely a sight to see! We loved walking around and taking pics in the pumpkins!

And a little update on my Pumpkin... her eyes are looking better! A friend commented on my blog post from yesterday saying that you can use breastmilk as eye drops to cure pink eye! How crazy is that? Don't worry - I did google it before trying it, and it's true. So we start her on al naturale (and free, I might add) eye drops, and her eyes look SO MUCH BETTER today! Amazing how God provides such natural medicine!

UPDATE: We totally overdid it by going to the Arboretum. Boo! Well, it was also prob just bad timing... I think something else was in her system incubating during this pink eye thing. Ugh! So red spots, a fever, a cold, and pink eye. The doctor says it's viral and will run it's course. We'll be resting at home for the next few days!


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