A little update on life!

Just thought I'd give a little update on things around the Lankford house...

Titi and Aunt Momo visit!


Lilleigh's "Titi" and Aunt Morgan ("Momo") visited early last week. It was a fun time for both all of us, but especially Lilleigh and Morgan!

Sick again

And while their visit was fun, Lilleigh caught Morgan's cold, which was actually thought to be allergies because of how long it had lingered. Major bummer! :(

And not just the normal cold. Because kids rub their eyes so much, colds commonly spread to the eyes and turn into pink eye, which is what we are battling here. It's so sad! Last night in the middle of the night, Lil woke up, so I nursed her and laid her back in the her crib. (I'm big on nursing being a source of comfort, and I have no problem with that.) But a few minutes later she was crying again, so we cleaned her eyes of all the goop, gave her eye drops and baby Tylenol, changed her diaper, etc. We did all we could for her before putting her back down, including nursing her again as she fell asleep. But it wasn't enough. She let out little baby cries after I put her down as she resituated herself to sleep. So sad.

The good news is that she is looking much better today! The bad news is that I can't tell if it's spreading to her other eye though... I'm hoping not, though it appears it might be.

Lil was just starting to get sick in this photo. But I just thought this photo of her peeking through the mesh on the side of the stroller was hilarious!

As Brendon says, I'm nesting. Again. And no, I'm not pregnant! I am just making out house more functional! This means making our spare bedroom more than just a guest room. Now it's a joint craft room and guest room. And our over-sized living room is now tastefully divided into two rooms - our living room and a play area!

No pics of the guest room/ craft room just yet. But here's the living room.

Living room before...

View 1... Don't mind the Christmas decor. This is from years ago. Though it's taken on a slightly different look over the years, you get the idea. Oh and we added a chase lounge about a year ago to the wall with the window - in between the couch and TV cabinet. More seating.

View 2

View 3 - Notice that the room is centered more around the TV than the fireplace.

 Living room after...

View 1 - Couch moved the the middle of the room, parallel with the back wall.

View 2 - The seating is now centered around the fireplace. Hopefully we can get our chimney fixed this winter so that we can actually use our fireplace!

View 3

View 4 - Between the couch and the back wall is now Lilleigh's play area! Fun place for her and a great way to keep her stuff out of the way. Also Sammy's bed is now next to the sliding glass door. And from this angle, she can see to the front door and into the backyard. She loves her bad now!
And like I said, sadly, no before or after photo of the craft-guest room, but basically the bed was centered in the room. The head of the bed was under that long window. And now the bed is turned sideways under the window, so it's basically in the corner. And my desk is in the room as well. I'm organizing craft stuff, etc.

I'll post updated pics of both rooms as they come together more! But that's what we are up to - using our house to it's fullest, and making it more functional for our growing family!

And if you have ideas for how to decorate the living room (think walls!), please tell me! That is so not my thing.

Oh by the way, did you notice a big item in our living room missing? Look again.

The TV is gone. We decided we don't want our living room centered around the TV. We want our family time to be more than TV time, and TV is too easy of a distraction for us. So the TV is gone. For now anyway. And we are going to enjoy our time without a TV in our main room! While we do still have one in the bedroom (not the ideal, in our opinion), we are making progress is taking charge of our time!


We are changing churches. While we have loved the church we have attended for the last five years (Well, seven for me), it is time to move on. There are some issues we have struggled with for years within that church. And while we could stay and fight for those issues, when it came down to it - Even if everything we did not like about our old church changed, we still want to be at a church closer to where we live. A church we can attend events at throughout the week, that distance would not be a hindrance to. A church that people in our community attend. And one that we can bring others in our neighborhood to.

Though we have an idea of where we'll end up, we have not officially decided yet. We don't really want to switch churches again. It'd be great if this could be our forever church home, assuming we stay in Dallas anyway. So we want to make certain that this is where we want to be.

I suppose our first main concern is that we want a church that preaches and lives the Gospel well. For us, this involves being in a community group - something our old church didn't really do. We believe it's important to live life with others, to ensure you are glorifying God well. And how can you glorify Him if not everything about your life is in the light? Second main concern - we want a church that is closer to where we live.

This is something we are really excited about! God has been pressing it on our hearts for awhile. It's just taken time for us both to end up in the same place on this. We aren't bitter about our old church at all. We love our friends there and are sad to leave them! But we are definitely excited to see where God leads us!

I'm hearing Ma-Ma's coming from our monitor... LOVE that! I guess nap time/ blog time is over. Ciao!


  1. Try breastmilk in the eye if you haven't already. It should clear up the pink eye quick quickly from what I've heard/read. We've never had pink eye over here, thankfully.

  2. Genius! Thanks, Kristina! Just started drops of breastmilk! Love that.

  3. Ashleigh- thanks so much for sharing my article today. I really appreciate it. I'll definitely be saving your comment for the days I need encouragement :)
    It's so fun seeing you and Brandon and Lilleigh on here. It would be super fun to get together with you some time. I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but maybe we can work something out?!

    Keep up the awesome blogging!

  4. i have LOTS of ideas for wall art!!! lol:) so does pinterest!! I would love to help if you find something you want to do!!

  5. Samantha, we'd love to hang out!

    And Katie, please tag me on Pinterest with any ideas! I need them!!

  6. Love how you have made your living room into a multi-purpose room with a play area! That just may be in our future too! ;) My plan is to "live" in our home for a while with baby and then see what needs to change to make sense. Way to go on being bold and making the church change...so not easy to do...but definitely necessary if God is placing that desire on your heart! He will lead you to the right place for you all in this stage in life. As for wall decor, I'm crazy about the photo collages with different frames. I also like to use crosses...I found 3 larger crosses at Hobby Lobby that are above our couch...groups of 3 always seems to work. You could also try one of those old wooden pallet type shelving for one of the walls (see Pinterest ;) Glad Lil is feeling better!! From reading your above comments--a nurse friend of my mom's had told me about using breast milk for infections like that as well. So amazing!


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