15 months

At 15 months Lil is...

32" tall, which brings her down to the 20th percentile! Up till now she's been tall - at 89th percentile - but it seems she's slowing down. Wonder who she got that from...

20 lbs, which again is around the 20th percentile.

Super talkative! Her pediatrician actually said not to waste how verbal she is and to work on language with her.

Attached to "Woof Woof!" She loves her lovey and carries him with her everywhere! I try to limit him leaving home though.

Loves to play outside, riding in her wagon and playing in her sandbox and her water table!

Says "noooo" and points whenever the chickens come near her. She was pecked once.

Loves apples and calls them by name. They join her favorite foods of yogurt and banana.

Has been weaned from the morning feed. One left, right before bed. She sleeps 7:30 pm to 7 am and then naps 1-4/4:30. I'm loving her new extended nap! And it's so fun to get out in the mornings with her!

Cuddles with Sammy like crazy!!

Loves to wear mom's shoes!


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