The Duggar Ministry

Since Brendon has been traveling a lot lately, I have resubscribed to Netflix. And I've begun watching the Duggar family on 17 and Counting (aka 19 and Counting, but I'm on season 1). I had heard about this family, but since we don't have cable, I have not ever been able to watch it.

For anyone new to the game, the Duggars are the family with their own show on TLC because they have 17 (now, 19) kids and America seems to be enamored with that amount of children.

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Without saying that I agree (or disagree for that matter) with their views on child-bearing, I must say that I love their show. I am only four episodes in, but I think what strikes me about this family is that they do the big family thing well! These parents really get what it means to parent their children and to do it as if working for the God. They get what it means to shepherd their children's hearts and point them towards the Lord. Sure there are critics who say that there's no way to parent 19 kids well, but I have to say that I've seen parents who can't parent their one child nearly as well as the Duggars do with their 19. I am amazed. The words of truth that come out of their children's mouths testify to their parenting. What a beautiful reflection of these parents' hearts!

If you've seen the show, you know that the Duggar family is extremely conservative in their Christian values. While some may find this over the top, I find it refreshing to see a family truly seeking the Lord in their lives and declaring it publicly. Regardless of whether I choose to live my faith in the same way. To see a glimpse into Michelle Duggar's heart (that's the mom), listen to this audio letter she wrote for the baby she recently miscarried. It warms my heart.

What a blessing that what has made this family unique (19 kids) actually got them on TV! And their ultra-conservative Christian values beam through the television into the homes of millions of Americans. Michelle and Jim Bob have a fantastic ministry, not just to their kids, but to America as well!


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