Mother's Day 2012

It was a wonderful Mother's Day here! A gorgeous day in Dallas! Blue skies and 70 degrees. Love it! Lilleigh was even found sporting this awesome shirt!

Tonight Brendon grilled burgers while we sat out on the new patio. Lil loves to play outside, so it was awesome! After dinner, we went to a local ice cream place called Sweet Firefly. Can't say enough great things about it. Come to Richardson and check it out!

And about the patio furniture... It was a Mother's Day gift. Sort-of. Our old furniture was falling apart, so our sweet friends the Widemans said we could have their old set which was in decent shape, since they has recently replaced it. Anyway that had been the plan. Brendon was going to make the effort to go get it for me, borrow a truck, etc, and get it all set up as my Mother's Day gift. But then I got a sweet deal from Kmart involving a free patio set.

I belong to a blogger network that helps connect businesses with bloggers to assist in PR. Bloggers can apply for different campaigns, so I applied for this one. Google Maps said there was Kmarts on the outskirts of Dallas, so I figured if I were chosen that it would be worth the hassle of driving far away and possibly borrowing a truck to get the patio set. I honestly did not think I'd get chosen though. But I was! Wahoo! I was ECSTATIC!

Soon, however, we realized a problem - Google Maps was wrong. All of the Kmarts in DFW were closed. I thought I was going to have to turn down this awesome opportunity. But then hubby came to the rescue! He drove 2-1/2 hours to Texarkana (and 2-1/2 back!) to get patio furniture! And he set it up when he got home. My hubby, my hero! THAT was my Mother's Day gift. Pretty sweet, huh? Best hubby ever!

Did y'all do anything special for Mother's Day?


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