19 Weeks Preggo with Baby #2!

One more week Two more days till we find out the gender of baby #2! (That's Thursday! There is a story to the date change but too complicated for the blog.) We did decide to find out, and I'm really glad about that. I think it will be great for Lilleigh to know a little more about her sibling. Just for the record, in the future, I'd love to have another surprise because I just think the suspense makes it so fun! But this time, finding out just seems right.

Here's a shadow of my tummy at 19 weeks. I love how sweet Lil is standing next to me in this photo and looking at her daddy. How sweet is she?

Movement: I have been feeling the baby move! With Lil, I felt her at 17 weeks. With this one, it was 18. Maybe this baby will be a little calmer? (Knock on wood.) Hard to imagine a calmer child though, really.  Not sure what this means... hmm.

Cravings: I have been drinking a little more milk than usual. Last pregnancy, I almost doubled my milk intake!

Changes: Well, I can still wear my same size jeans, in maternity of course, but I'm excited that my hips haven't spread yet! My belly button is almost flat... we're getting there. And of course, the tummy is growing. People aren't kidding when they say you get bigger faster with the second one! I'm continuing to exercise though, and that feels great!

Midwife appointments: Lil loves coming with me to these and hearing the baby's heartbeat. It helps that the midwives have toys in their office! At our last visit, we did get to see it's little arm moving around lots during a handheld sonogram my midwife did, which was very fun.


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