The Big Apple

Last week I joined my dad and Anabelle in New York City! My dad had his annual work conference there, and he invited the girls to join him. So Thursday, Grammy drove up to help Brendon out with Lil and get some quality time with those two, and I flew to NYC! As always, NYC was so fun! I was seriously missing the warm weather, but we did get to see some snow, do some shopping, eat great food, and see Once!

At dinner one night

Shopping is always fun with Anabelle!
As fun as NYC was, I was reminded of why I do not wish to live there! It's not really even the people, though my cab driver did pee in a cup while I was in the car... ugh. It's really the crowds, the smoking, and the smog. Yuck! But it's super fun to visit and has amazing food!


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