The Releasing of the Balloons

Today is the big day. Three years since Austen's passed away. We released three balloons in his memory. It wasn't quite as emotional as I had thought it would be. Really, it just felt sweet and right. I am thankful to have a neat way to remember her with my family, especially since we are 4 hours away from the rest of my family. It's nice to have our own tradition to carry on.

The three balloons for Austen, plus one extra for Lil, so as to avoid any meltdown that may occur when the other three are released in the sky. Can you guess which balloon is hers?

The three balloons. I did write a few things on them - Bible verses, answered prayers, and snip-it's of God's goodness.

Explaining to Lilleigh how we were going to release the balloons on the count of three and that she would get to release one of them also.

She didn't quite understand the releasing of the balloons on the count of 3...

Watching the balloons float away. She seemed to get it and not be upset by this at all. I also reminded her that her pink balloon was inside waiting for her.

Bye, balloons!


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