Lilleigh Lately

So much is still happening each month that I feel I owe you a Lilleigh update! So here are some things of note...

Lilleigh is a little parrot these days, repeating many things you say and then blurting them out randomly. Really awesome to hear her sharing a friend's birth story then later. Or the other night, I huffed/grunted at Brendon because he cut me off, and he jokingly turned to Lil and said "Did Mommy just poop her pants?" And guess what Lilleigh keeps talking about... yep, awesome. For the record, no, I didn't. I still have bladder control, thank goodness.

When it comes to getting dressed, she has an opinion on what she wants to wear, so she now gets choices. Also, we finally found a way to do her hair that is not a constant battle. For one, we switched to "Tita's brush," which has softer bristles. Another thing we started is doing her hair at the sink, in front of the mirror. So she sits on the counter, while I do her hair. She really loves this. And sometimes she gets a little (dark) chocolate too. Whatever it takes!

For the last several weeks, she has been saying very confidently that she has a sister. If you mention anything about the baby possibly being a boy, she will say, "No, Connor (her cousin) has a brother. I have a sister." Recently, we were given a double bike trailer from some sweet friends with older kiddos. Lilleigh has loved playing in it in the garage. She got in it yesterday, sat in one seat, and then patted the other seat and said that place was for her sister. Sooo yeah... she thinks she knows what this baby is! ...And we did find out today actually! But you'll have to wait just a little longer here on the blog to find out if Lilleigh's prediction was right or not!

Her new favorite toy is her tricycle she got recently. Mom found it on one of those handy Facebook swap sites. Lil still is working on how to ride it, but she loves sitting on it and talking about it.

She actually has her first responsibility and that is to feed Sammy each morning and evening. We help her, of course, but she's pretty good at it on her own! She takes this job very seriously.

She has loved learning about Easter and how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Check out our Easter tomb.

Something else funny, Lilleigh loooves Dora and has recently decided she has an imaginary friend named "Swiper." (He's the sneaky fox on Dora.) At the moment, apparently Swiper is out of town, but I believe he comes back today! Ha. Funny girl!

She's also doing awesome potty training. (Feels weird to say that because I feel like she is potty trained, during the day at least. When do you stop saying the "-ing" part of that?) Clearly I need to do a better job of checking her after she goes though!


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