Photos Lately

Just some photos from life lately...

Our trip to the Dallas Zoo - Lil had just fed the giraffe lettuce

A tea party with Aunt Morgan and their American Girl dolls at the American Girl cafe in Dallas

Eating her first sundae!

Blowing bubbles with her Dora bubble gun

Sitting on Papa Larry's lap at Hunan

By the way, I may have mentioned this... but Blogger decided that I've uploaded too many photos. Sooo basically unless I have a photo uploaded to Facebook or Shutterfly or someplace else on the Internet, I can't post it. So no offense to you if your photo isn't on here. But uploading the photos elsewhere first isn't always a quick or easy thing to do... Which is another reason I haven't blogged a lot. It takes too long to upload photos one place and link to them... I just don't really have a great solution to this issue. If you know of a free solution, let me know!


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