Five Fingers

I kinda want some of these. I know, I know. They look completely weird. But I'm sure you've seen guys wearing them. So hubby read all about them and decided he needed some! (The mail version and in black, of course. See his here.) So before our anniversary dinner last night, we went to Tyler's! I was intrigued, so I tried some on too. And now I can't stop thinking about them... Completely weird looking. But incredibly comfortable. I think maybe they'd strengthen my foot, where I have an injury.

They could be the new fashion trend. What do you think?


  1. my husband has these and he loves them! Congrats on your big news!

  2. a kiddo in our youth group at church has these and LOVES them. you're right...odd looking...but so neat! I just read in one of Whole Living's magazines that they are good for feet...they add just enough support but allow your foot muscles, tendants, and sensory components come alive better than shoes do. Supposedly shoes suppress the natural needs of our feet. Just thought I would share. :) Oh and perfect for canoeing and white water rafting!


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