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I would just like to say thank you, Steve Jobs, for banning pornography apps on the iPhone and iPad. More access to this media one thing our country doesn't need.

I facilitate a support group for wives of men with sexual addiction. It's heart breaking to sit with those women as they mourn the destruction of the marriages, weep the loss of their dreams, and vent the deception they believed. The ignorance our country shows in the face of sexual addiction is a knife to the heart. It's about time someone stood up for what's right.

The media says you are now the "unlikely hero to the Christian right." This may be true - and I don't even mind that you're a Democrat. But I don't speak just as a Christian. I speak as an American. Pornography is killing our society. Sexual addiction breaks the heart of our women. It brings about rage in our children. And it destroys our men. Ask any recovering sex addict - coming clean brings a wave of terror and a flood of relief. It's truly an addiction.

Mr. Jobs, I realize you are getting A LOT of slack (to be gentle in terminology) about this decision and that it will likely cost Apple money. But I appreciate your decision. And for what it's worth, I will stay a loyal Apple consumer. Thanks for having integrity.

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  1. I agree Ashleigh..its about time someone did something about porn..its almost everywhere you look nowadays.

  2. Wow, I hadn't heard about that. Very commendable for Steve Jobs!

  3. It is beginning to infect the lives of children. I have seen a few teens become addicted to porn on the web and it is so difficult for them to let go of!


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