Two Posts in a Day = Breaking News

Two posts in a day? That means big news!

It's true! We found out the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, when we were going to Houston, and we could hardly wait to tell our families. So we hurried and took this picture! I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought five cute mini frames for our five parents. Then I ordered the pictures online at and had them printed in Houston. Then when we drove to Houston, I ran in to pick them up, and then framed them to give to our parents that weekend! Speedy, huh? Okay enough about the picture...

Baby Lankford is due February 4th, which means I am almost 10 weeks along! I'll give a pregnancy update later, but just wanted to fill you all in. Year 4 of marriage definitely has a lot in store for us


  1. yay! congrats again!! you've done such a good job keeping it a secret! :) Hope things are going well so far...will look forward to updates!

  2. It's the hardest secret EVER to keep!! I'll definitely keep you posted!

  3. Oh my..CONGRATS to you and your hubby!! How exciting! That was such a neat little idea with framing that picture and giving to your they loved it and will treasure it always!!! I hope to have some good news like that soon myself! ;-)

  4. Congrats! So happy for you!!! Can't wait to share this incredible experience with you guys!
    -Charis & Duffy Johnson


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