I have a confession to make. This is our wedding cake from three years ago.

I saved it. Still.

Here's my reasoning... My friend Amanda's parents STILL have their saved. (After at least 28 years... just a rough estimate.) And every year they all - kids too! - have a bite of it on her parents' anniversary. I thought that was so sweet and cute. I want to do that too! And as long as it's frozen, it will last!

Hubby thinks the idea is gross. (But don't be fooled - it still tastes yummy.) I think it's cute and sweet. I now open this up to you... risky, I know. What are your thoughts?


  1. I think its a great idea actually! As long as its still tasting good..thats what matters, right? I know I'd LOVE to still have some of our original wedding year will mark our 10 year anniversary and what a treat THAT would have been!

  2. Yes we live with another couple, The Wilson's. We were already really good friends and we were always complaining about living in apartments because wel couldn't aford to buy houses. Then finally we all decided to rent a house together. We found a great house with 4 bedrooms and a huge back yard. So we have a big garden and plenty of space for two couples. It works really well.

    I think it's really funny you saved your cake that long! We completely forgot to save our cake and I was kinda disapointed.


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