Pregnancy So Far

Today I am 10 weeks!! Here's a picture of the sweet little gummy bear growing inside me.

Totally looks like a gummy bear - doesn't it?

Here's what I've experience thus far...

Exhaustion! Oh my word. I'm so tired. I must nap each day. My dog knows our daily nap schedule now. I tell her it's nap time, and she scurries to the bedroom. So naps are a must! And even with a nap, I head to bed between 8 and 9.

Nausea started up right at 6 weeks... but not the vomiting kind, which I'm thankful for. Around dinner time I start to get nauseous, so my dinner time has become 4:30 or 5... yes, I now eat with the old people. And if I am still hungry, I'll grab a smoothie. After about 6 or 7, the texture of food disgusts me, so a smoothie (with protein powder) seems to do the trick to satisfy my hunger and pump some nutrients in me! Again though, I have not been vomiting, and there's a lot to be said for that. I have had friends with TERRIBLE "morning" sickness, and fortunately I have not experienced this. When I experience the nausea, I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep it off, but I know this is nothing compared to what some women go through. Another issue though... I now have a super sensitive gag reflex. Not okay.

Appetite. I have been snacking a lot. I need to more. I notice when I eat a lot throughout the day, I can avoid the nausea, but it's incredibly hard for me to do this. Any of you women out there who have kids please tell me if you can relate. I can't eat large portions. My stomach gets full much more quickly. Maybe that's part of being small and suddenly having much less room in my stomach? But then what I do in my third trimester?? Plus, now I eat extremely slow. I can't eat at the speed of a normal person any longer. For example, we went to lunch with family over the weekend. I had a salad. I think I had 5 bites... barely looked nibbled on, and the waiter had started clearing everyone's plates! Seriously? I have never been a slow eater, so this is just driving me crazy! Maybe it has something to do with food texture or the gag reflex? On another note, food aversions... steak. No thank you. I haven't really been too fond of red or green peppers and some other veggies either.

Weight gain also began around 6 weeks. Not a ton. I think it was a pound. But since I gain weight in my tummy, a pound on your tummy is definitely noticeable! I'm not "showing," but friends, who have known about my pregnancy, have commented. It's easily hidden though. When you're short and thin, the baby has no where to go initially but out!

My brain died. Seriously. My friend's husband even commented on it the other night. My friend (who's pregnant also) asked me about another friend coming into town, and I looked at her like I had no idea what she was talking about. And the thing is, I really didn't have a clue what she was talking about! And the worst part is that this out of town friend had sent us all an email saying she was coming into town and wanted to hang out. I think I had ever discussed it with the friend bringing it up. So bad. Not only that, but I think of things daily I need to do but forget them before I can get out a pen to write it on my to do list. It's a huge problem. I can't even remember if I've taken my prenatal vitamins in the morning... so I started putting them in one of those days of the week containers. I'm pretty sure some days I was taking two. This container is a life saver! Any of you who know me, know I was pretty put together before... now I am just trying to get through each day without forgetting something essential! I think the brain thing might be like nausea. Some people experience it. Others don't. And some get it to the extreme. I think I might be that extreme case.

Bathroom... of course I get up at least twice in the middle of the night to go!

I'm sure there's more. But that's all for now. Just thought you deserved a little update!


  1. love this post! It must be a weird girl thing, but I'm always curious what pregnancy "issues" other women go through. I'm sure there is no way it can prepare me b/c everyone is different, but it's nice to know ahead of time some of the quirks of being pregnant. Glad you're not "best friends with the toilet" sick! My mom told me that as long as she didn't let herself get to the point of feeling hungry, she was pretty okay. However, she did keep a change of clothes in her car for when she got to work the first few! Hope I don't get that from her!

    glad you're feeling so well! I'm sure you'll be an adorable pregnant girl the entire time! Love the jelly bean picture! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Hee Hee...welcome to the club. :-)

    I was a slow eater too and it was a struggle to eat anything at all in the beginning....but later I loved eating. :-) Cravings started outweighing the aversions. I still can't eat some things since being pregnant....oh, and the mommy brain thing continues after you give birth. LOL At least a little bit!

  3. So extremely happy for you - nothing like getting those ultrasound pics and seeing their personalities bloom from the beginning. We have a lot of similar symptoms - I didn't gain any weigh until month five except for two pounds, which made me look more like an overeater than pregnant. I ate six small meals a day - the heartburn and reflux was so horrible toward the end that I had to minimize intake. I ate mostly vegetarian, too - that seemed to help (along with all the cheese and bread, haha).... Hang in there! You're doing great!

  4. I love your first baby picture..adorable little jelly bean you have! Hehe! Hopefully your nausea won't get any worse..I know what you mean about some pregnant women throwing up all the cousin was that way! Sounds like so far your doing really great!!! Look forward to the updates..and thanks for the email..we've been trying for about 6-7 months now hopefully not much longer! Everything happens in Gods timing! :-)


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