17 Weeks

Well this past week while we were in Colorado, my tummy popped!

Being so petite, I totally thought it would pop out sooner. Everything I read lead me to believe I would. After all the baby has nowhere to go but out! But petite or not, I think 17 weeks is somewhere around average... but I totally thought I was going to bust out at 10! ;)

As you can see, the baby was the length of a bell pepper that week. (I am now 18 weeks and a mango... I'll work on a picture!)

Notable events of week 18 (aka 17 weeks)...
  • The first stranger commented on my pregnant tummy! We were hiking, and a t-shirt, as roomy as they may seem pre-pregnancy, become much less roomy once pregnant... you can definitely see the bump through there. Anyway this woman was impressed I was doing this hike... and I was too! My hubby and his cousin led me to believe it wouldn't be strenuous. Yeah, right.
  • I also felt the baby move!! I can feel it most mornings now if I lay still. So fun! This is on the early end I think for detecting movement, but again most petite women will feel the baby sooner... again less room for the baby to hide elsewhere.
  • I feel way normal again! The nausea and fatigue pretty much went away after 13 or 14 weeks, but I actually feel NORMAL. Wonderful feeling! Glad to be back!
Colorado pics to come!


  1. Your such a cute little pregnant lady!! Thats great you can feel the baby move now..how exciting!! :-)

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling better!! Love the new pic!

  3. Glad you're back to feeling "normal"! :) Love your updates! Loving hearing about the "petite info" being pregnant...I'm wondering where in the world I'll carry a little one with my 5'2" frame. You look great and glad to hear you're feeling great too!

  4. So exciting, Ashleigh! I love seeing your pregnant pics. Love you :)


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