I THINK I could make this...

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn

When we decided we wouldn't find out the baby's gender, I thought about a Texas theme for the room. And with the bedding we already have for the full-size bed staying in the room...

...and the crib bedding I just ordered...

 Again, image courtesy of Pottery Barn.
Check out how the patchwork and stars detail matches the artwork above.

Now back to what I was saying... Given the beddings I've chosen, I think this piece of art would coordinate well. But for $200 (on sale!), no thanks.

So what do you think? Can I pull off making this? If you have an idea of how to get all those small pieces of perfectly cut wood, let me know!! The floor is now open... ideas please!


  1. You can totally do this! Why not try out Lowe's or HD and see if they have any wood scraps... Or, you could paint on a canvas and pretend it's wood. :) Good luck!

  2. I like that idea!! That's great! Another friend mentioned looking around on the weekend for wood scraps people put out and then using a piece of ply wood as the base to glue or nail the scraps into. I'm excited!!

  3. you can totally make it Ash!

  4. Yes, you can definitely make it! I was going to recommend taking small scraps (find them or hubby could cut them)...or do you have any construction worker friends? You can paint each individual piece. To distress the pieces, paint each with a light color underneath, paint over with the blue or red, and then use sandpaper to reveal the bottom color strategically. I was also going to recommend the wood glue to set each piece in place on plywood. It might even be neat if the pieces are different depths, adding depth and texture to it.


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