My Little Bro Scored a Touchdown!

William at his pep rally with our 2-year-old sister Morgan.

Austen had been bugging William, my 18-year-old brother, for awhile now to play football. Austen was a great football player and had loved it so much that he just knew William would too. William is great at basketball, but football's not really William's sport. Still he decided to do play football this year, his senior year, in memory of Austen.

At the start of the season, William went to his coach, who had also coached Austen for one year, and asked him if there was ever the opportunity for him to score a touchdown, would the coach allow him the chance in honor Austen. The coach, of course, said yes.

Last week at William's game, Kinkaid was way ahead of their opponent. So with a few minutes left, at the 7 yard line, the coach called a time out. He told the team their only job was to get William the ball and to guard, no matter what their normal position may be. And he told William his only job was to run the ball into the in zone. With that, William ran the ball into the in zone to score a touch down. It was as if the crowd just parted. No one touched him.

Austen would have been so proud of our little brother! And I know that meant so much to William, as well as the rest of us. After the game, the coach said that the coaches and all the football players were all bawling "like little girls."

I was so sad that I couldn't be there for the game. But I loved hearing about it! It makes me happy to know that Austen lives on in all of our hearts and is never far away.


  1. That is such an awesome story! Thanks for sharing it!!

  2. Okay, now I'm crying like a little girl - this is so beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing!!! Austen is smiling down on your beautiful family!


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