Chicken Introductions

I've held off on introductions long enough. Without further ado...

This is "Tail Feathers" aka the still nameless hen. She needs a name desperately. I just haven't had a name that's popped out at me. Any ideas?

A little about "Tail Feathers"... She's been termed this temporary (I hope) nickname because she was the only Rhode Island Red that we got who still had all of her tail feathers. This is probably because she can fend for herself. She isn't fiesty, like Queeny who we'll get to later, but there is no doubt that she's second in command (behind Queeny, of course). She's also pretty daring. This hen used to walk up to Sammy and peck her in the nose. Then Sammy showed her she isn't one to be messed with.

This is Henrietta. She got this name because there's a children's book I love called Henry the Dog with No Tail. Well, this is Henrietta, the hen with no tail feathers. When we got her, her tail feathers had already been plucked out. You may have already guessed the reason for this - she's not the boss. She's more submissive to the other chickens, careful not to get in the way. Still, this chicken is very people-friendly. She has jumped up on the bench several times next to Brendon to sit with him. She is also the chicken that came after my dinner. Just walked right up to my plate like it was no big deal. 

This is Ida May. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you how she got her name. Almost. Notice the bright red above and below her beak. (Anyone know what that's called by the way??) And her feet are the yellowest of all. Red and yellow. Red and yellow. Hmmm I didn't have to think hard about this one. Red and yellow = Chi O. One of the founders of Chi O was Ida May Bowles. I told you... embarrassing. Either way, it sounded like a good country name!

Ida May is the most independent of the hens. She tends to wonder off. And when the other hens go running, she is content to stay pecking where she is.

This is Queeny. Queeny came from a sketchy feed store just South of Dallas. We got her 24 hours before the other three chickens. Enough time for her to claim the chicken run and coop. When the three new hens showed up, she considered them unwelcome guests. The three new hens, or "the girls," hung out in the coop for a full 24 hours. Of course it was Tail Feathers who first ventured out, but Queeny showed her. Queeny squacked and pecked at her until she went back up in the coop! All that to say, Queeny was almost given away. I actually had someone ready to pick her up, but they had to delay a day in coming. During their 24 hour delay, Queeny straightened up and started to get along. So she remains. And I'm glad she was able to stay too. She adds some good entertainment to our evenings, chicken watching.

Thanks for meeting our chickens! Don't forget "Tail Feathers" needs a real name! Please submit your ideas. 


  1. Ok, my question is answered! They are beautiful! :-) My chickens were named after the women in Lonesome Dove. . . Laurie Darling, Peach, Clara, and Elmira! :-)

  2. Love the names! Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. These are all great names by the way. Clara is growing on me.


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