Our Story: The Continuation

If you missed it, see the story of how we met here.

As it turns out Brendon had just transferred to my high school from a private school. He was good friends with a lot of the people I hung out with already. So we began hanging out a lot in group settings and quickly became good friends.

Here we are at Young Life camp (Windy Gap).
It was western night, which sorta explains the drawn on goatee.

Throughout the next two and half years of high school, he pursued me. And of course, I was always dating someone else. Senior year he asked me to both homecoming and prom, and since my boyfriend at the time was in college, I gladly accepted! I thought it would be fun to go to prom with a good friend. Now I think it's fun that I went with my future husband! But not to jump ahead.

Prom! Check out Brendon's shaggy hair and my chubby cheeks!
And don't mind the fact that I took a picture of these pictures in order to share them with you...
finding the DVD they're on and uploading them just seemed like too much of a hassle!

We left for college - me to SMU in Dallas and him to Baylor in Waco. We remained good friends throughout college. He even came up to visit me a few times. (Like I said, he pursued me!) I can clearly remember driving home from college that May after freshman year and having God tell me that I was going to marry Brendon. I love clear moments like that when you distinctly hear God's voice.

That summer we had a brief fling. But honestly, it just didn't feel right. I had gone to college and jumped into becoming a Young Life leader and become super involved in Christian life on the SMU campus. And Brendon, who had been a rock in high school, hadn't really gotten plugged in much at all at Baylor. We were just in two different places. I felt so confused because I thought I had heard God so clearly, but this just didn't add up. We ended up breaking up when the summer ended.

Meanwhile at college I dated some more... and had a not so great experience with a new guy. Things were totally not going my way. And when this new guy broke up with me, for some reason I felt heart broken, even though my family and friends were all sure that he wasn't a good fit for me. And looking back, I know I knew that too.

That summer after sophomore year, I interned with the middle school youth group at the church Brendon grew up at and the church where I had recommitted my life to Christ. Brendon was around that first part of summer, volunteering with the youth - coincidence, I think not. He knew what he was up to! He had planned to go back to Waco in July for summer school, but for "some reason" that didn't happen. We basically spent the entire summer serving the Lord and loving on middle school kids.

And every time sparks started to fly, I backed away. But not because I was afraid. I just knew this would be it. If we dated, we would date for real. There would be no going back to being friends. We would either get married or break up and be done forever. Plus, I really wanted to be completely dedicated to my internship position and those kids. I knew if we started dating, that I'd be... well, distracted. So we waited.

We waited until the week after I was done interning. Then we went on our first real date to Macaroni Grill and to see March of the Penguins. A movie about penguins just seemed so fun... but it was a little boring, let's just be honest. If you haven't seen it, you can pass on that one.

We continued dating that next year, making the hour and a half trip between Waco and Dallas almost every weekend and sometimes during the week!

Brendon graduated that next May - a year early. And that summer he interned (officially this time) with the youth while I studied abroad. But that didn't stop him from coming to visit me!

Mykonos, Greece

And after a few months found a job in Dallas, which made it oh so convenient since I was finishing up at SMU! We got engaged that February, I graduated in May, and we got married in July! 7-7-07!

My SMU graduation

Today marks four years together!


  1. So fun to hear your story! :-) Love how he PURSUED you! :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! BTW, I loved March of the Penguins and recommended it to a lot of people. To each his own :) Hope you guys get to do something special today.


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