Lilleigh is 5 months!

Lil turned 5 months earlier this week!

Lil at 5 months...
  • She's been rolling a lot more, but avoids the tummy. The other day I laid her on her tummy to play with her toys on her activity mat. I turned around to send an email, and when I turned back, she was on her back! I missed it! Her first unassisted roll!
  • More hair! Yea, Lil!
  • She loves pulling her feet to her mouth and chewing on them.
  • She enjoys playing in her exersaucer and sitting in her Bumbo seat.
  • Drooling A LOT! I'm beginning to wonder if those teeth of hers will ever come in. 
  • She now chews on Sophie the Giraffe and her Wubbanubs! I'm hopefully about the bottle, but still no luck.
  • We swim! And she's in swimming lessons! More on that later.

We took her to her 5 month well-baby check-up today. We have a new pediatrician that we went to today and liked! He's much more on our same page ...whereas the other one was just okay. So that's a good thing! She's now 26" and 15lbs 11oz... 83rd percentile for height (which she clearly didn't get from me!) and 68th for weight!

PS Bear with me while I come up with a new name for my blog... sorry about all the confusion with new names coming up in your feed. I figured now that this blog is not so much a personal blog anymore but also a blog chronicling our lives as a family. So I'm working on a name! Any blog name ideas? (The "farm" thing is a reference to the fact that we are getting chickens! I'll post about that when it happens. Soon though! Very soon.)


  1. lil looks as dark as austen was in pic #2


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