Swimming over the Fourth!

I just thought this video was so cute! Well, I think every video of Lil is cute, let's just be honest. But in this one she was just having so much fun with her daddy!

Actually after this was taken, she went down for a nap and woke up just as I was walking out the door. So she and daddy went to a pig roast together! Their first father-daughter date! Brendon was proud. What a good daddy!

If you're wondering about the pig roast. Brendon's brother has a friend, whose backyard they've turned into a wiffle ball field. No, I'm not kidding. AND they have (or had) a mascot - wiffle pig! Wiffle pig was NOT the pig being roasted. That was a different pig. And wiffle pig actually got too big to be in the backyard anyway... he's now 200-something pounds and lives out in the country. True story. So the pig roast... they roast a pig (again, NOT wiffle pig), set up of bounce houses, and hang out on the Fourth of July. Fun times! Here are some photos from last year just to give you an idea...


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