Our Weekend: Harry Potter, Teething, Chickens, & More!

This past weekend Brendon's mom (Val) came into town. She was so excited to come up to see Lil and also to celebrate Brendon's birthday, which was last weekend.

Val watched Lil for us while we saw Harry Potter! Uh-mazing. I'm sad that it's over. While Harry Potter is in no way a direct correlation to the Gospel, I do think J.K. Rowling was intentional about the ending. I've heard she's a Christian, and judging by the end of the series, I don't doubt it. (The books are even better though - read them! Or at least get the audio books to listen to!) It's going to be hard to top this series.

When we got home from the movie, Lilleigh was actually sorta drinking from a bottle! She wasn't sucking on it, but she was kinda gnawing on it and drinking from it - more like you would with a sippy cup. Val was walking around with her, singing to her... distracting her, anything to make it seem less like a feeding and more like something fun. Ha. But Lil drank an ounce that way! Yea!!

Brendon and I also got to go out to The Cheesecake Factory one night on a date night! It's so great having a babysitter in town!! Those of you with family in town to babysit, enjoy that. We are always so thankful for a date night!

Today has been a relaxin day! We went to church and came home for lunch and a nap! Lil must have been worn out from having Grammy here because she slept 3 hours!!

Yes, that is a necklace my baby is wearing. It's an amber teething necklace. More on this later.
Don't mind the drool marks on hubby's shirt... It's impossible to avoid those these days.
Brendon reading to Lil and Sammy before bed.

I also managed to get more of Lil's room done this weekend! We are almost there! My goal is to have it finished by the time she turns 6 months, which is in two weeks! As you may remember, the nursery was completed in gender-neutral form before her birth, but then I saw a cute idea in a Pottery Barn catalog, and well, I just had to add to it!

I made these flowers with heavy weight paper. This idea came from a Pottery Barn catalog.

This weekend, I also noticed a sometimes-white-sometimes-red bump on Lil's lower gum! I can feel it too. Lilleigh is teething! I had a feeling this would be anytime now since I teethed early and she's been drooling A TON! She soaks her shirts. It's crazy. Normal, yet crazy. It's exciting for sure, but I just hope the little munchkin doesn't bite me while nursing! OW. Prayers and advice welcome.

Oh, and as for the teething necklace mentioned above... it's an amber teething necklace. Something about amber against the warmth of your skin is supposed to be a natural pain reliever. Pretty cool, really. I've heard great things about them. I'm actually reviewing the necklace for my blog Thankfully Thrifty... I'll let you know my thoughts once she officially cuts her first tooth! ...which by the way, I heard that after feeling and seeing the bump it can still be a month before the tooth cuts!

In other news, I guess I should give a chicken update. We got more supplies for the chicken coop... feeder, water can, etc. And the chickens all seem to be getting along! This is great news because any of you following Thankfully Thrifty on Facebook (my other blog) know that there have been some issues. One chicken, who we've now dubbed "Queeny," was bullying the other three chickens, who we're now referring to as "the girls" - they stick together. Turns out Queeny could only be rude so long. Clearly she's alpha. She's made this known. Now they can all be friends.

We have started naming the chickens. There's just one left to name. So far we have...
  • Queeny - Because as I said before, she's Alpha.
  • Ida May - Good country name, plus she has bright red on her head and bright yellow legs, which reminded me of Chi O. Ida May was a Chi O founder. Dork, I know. (By the way, she doesn't really have tail feathers.)
  • Henrietta - There's a great children's book called Henry the Dog with No Tail. Henrietta lost her tail feathers (way more so than Ida May), so she's Henrietta the hen with no tail feathers.
  • And then there's the nameless chicken... She does have tail feathers. And she comes up and pecks at Sammy! Just letting her no to leave them alone. This hen is second in command, behind Queeny. Any name ideas?
Lastly in chicken news (The chickens needed their own post!), Sammy managed to get a few of Queeny's tail feathers in her mouth. Needless to say, Queeny was not happy. Now every time Sammy comes outside, the chickens cluck angrily! Haha.

Queeny's tail feathers... courtesy of Sammy the dog


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