Help me decide. Because I'm indecisive.

I need your help. I bought one of those awesome Canvas on Demand Groupons... actually this is my second one to buy. The first canvas turned out awesome by the way! Anyway, with this second one, I need to choose a photo to have printed on it. Here are the contestants...





Which one do you think we should turn into a 16x20 photo canvas?


  1. Two or three. Lil gets lost in the fourth one.

  2. one or three...I am so indecisive too so narrowing it down is the best I could do for yah! :) I like how you can see all of your faces in both of those.

  3. The first one so we can see your faces!

  4. i can see why you're indecisive!! Not the forth b/c Lil gets lost. 1, 2, or 3. My gut says 1 or 3 ... hand to choose!! you'll just have to buy another groupon!


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