Tummy sleeper

Lil has turned into a tummy sleeper! She loves rolling from her back to her tummy! And she sleeps well on her tummy. This is wonderful, but the thing is I can't get her to roll from tummy to back for the life of me! Really. I prop her arms under her, and occasionally she'll roll to her back - with that extra help.

She's been rolling from back to tummy since about four months. Until recently though, she'd rarely let herself get all the way onto her tummy. She's roll until she was aaaalmost there and then roll on to her back. Smart baby! The first few nights that she made it onto her tummy, I'd look on our video monitor and see her sleeping soundly. (Surely it was an accident that she ended up that way, right?) Then about an hour or so later, she'd wake up crying because she couldn't roll back. Thankfully though her tummy panicking has stopped. Though she can't roll back over, being on her tummy no longer scares her, and she's comfortable.

That said, hopefully one day soon she'll learn to roll back! For the most part though, she is just content to stay on her tummy. Can't complain I guess. She's happy and not mobile. Both good things!


  1. That's so funny! She's obviously capable of rolling from tummy to back b/c that takes less effort/strength than from back to tummy since she can use her arms. I imagine she'll figure it out soon. It's incredible how fast things change with babies!


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