McKinley Turns One!

Confused on who McKinley is? The short answer - She's Lil's BFF. Okay really - she's Randi's baby. And Randi is one of my best friends, so therefore, McKinley and Lilleigh must be best friends. Got it? Good. And yes, we know - we are so blessed to get to raise our daughters together!! God knew!

Just to jog your memory - One year ago I blogged about her birth. Crazy how time flies by! Now she's ONE! We celebrated with a swimming party! Matt and Randi could only get their neighborhood pool from 6-8 PM Friday night, which is definitely when Lil wants to be going to bed, but she was a trooper! No fussy babies here.

Mommy and Baby BFFs! I think Lilleigh was jealous of McKinley's birthday hat.

So Aunt Randi gave Lilleigh a birthday hat also.

Daddy gave Lilleigh a piece of watermelon to try. She LOOOVED it! I think they went through several slices of watermelon actually!

Singing happy birthday! McKinley seemed kinda frightened by the whole singing thing if you ask me.


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