Lil's Half Birthday!

Happy half birthday to you! Happy half birthday to you! Happy half birthday, sweet Lilleigh! Happy half birthday to you!

Sweet Lil,

You are now six months old! My time has flown! You have gotten so big. You are no longer my little newborn, but a baby!

I took these cute photos of you on your half birthday.

Oooh a sticker I crunch with my fingers.

You love the toy I got you at a garage sale last weekend.
Here are things that define you at six months:
  • You can sit up on your own! I put the boppy behind you still most of the time because you do fall after awhile. But each day you are getting stronger! Really. About a week and a half ago you decided to sit on your own, no hands on part of Mommy. 
  • You love to laugh! You laugh when Mommy gives you lots of kisses and throws you up in the air. The saying around here is "Everything's funnier when Momma does it." For whatever reason, you laugh and laugh when I give you kisses or blow raspberries on your tummy, but when Daddy does it, he is lucky to get a smile. Strange how that works.
  • Mommy is reading Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events book 1 to you. Some may think this is an odd choice of a book to read to you. But I love the language of the book. Plus chapter books help you follow story lines and keep Momma entertained!
  • You don't really take a bottle... well, not by choice. Grammy gave it to you recently, and you did drink from it. You treated it like a sippy cup, playing with it in your mouth and chewing on it. (You love the sippy cup! That'll be our next attempt.) You drank an ounce that way. No sucking though. Oh and in order to get you to drink that ounce, Grammy had to sing to you and walk around with you to distract you. You certainly make your preferences known!
  • You are in 6 month clothing and have been for a month and a half. Some 9 month. This is also the point where I would say what diaper size you are, but you're in cloth. So what I know is that in disposables, you should probably be a 3, but since we have 2's left, I've been packing those for you to wear in the church nursery! 90% of the time though you are in cloth diapers, and you recently moved up to the middle snap in those. 
  • You got your first tooth! Botton left. And I think the second one is on it's way in. Oh and in a previous post, I asked for prayer that you wouldn't bite me. Well guess what. You bit me. Tonight. It hurt a bit, but really it just surprised me. I took you off and said NO really firmly. You cried. I hate to make you cry, but hopefully you got the point. Biting and nursing don't go together. I think things will be better from here on out.
  • You have started to kick in swimming lessons. And you are getting more comfortable floating on your back.
  • You LOVE other babies! You could watch other babies all day long and be entertained.
  • At naptimes and bedtime, Mommy sings the song "Morning Town" (aka "Train whistle blowing...") to you, and calm down. When I can tell that you're really tired, you actually smile when I start singing. I think you're relieved to get to go to bed.
  • You get distracted very quickly while eating. I can't really talk to other people while you eat. I definitely can't watch TV. (Bye, bye, Netflix!) Sometimes you won't even let me read. Not kidding - you'll kick or hit at my book. I correct you, but you get really stirred up.
  • Mommy started you on solids, sorta. We aren't super regular about it. But you've tried avocado, sweet potato, and tomato. And egg and potato, unofficially. I pureed the sweet potatoes, but I'm tempted to just go the whole food method from here on out. That's what I did with the tomatoes. It's easier and just makes more sense to me.
  • You do have separation anxiety, but it's not terrible. Well with a couple unlucky friends you've cried the whole time I've been gone, but with others, you've been great, minus the initial sadness. Hopefully things will get better!
I love you, Lil! You are so precious to me! Daddy and I are so blessed to have you in our lives. Happy six month birthday!

Love, Mommy


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