Neighborhood Love

I have probably mentioned before that our neighborhood is baby central. Not kidding there were at least 11 babies born within this past school year. Most of those were firstborns. It's seriously nuts! It's been so fun to live in a neighborhood with lots of young families.

We have neighborhood play dates and play groups, which is a huge ministry opportunity. I'll blog more about that later. But I just love knowing the other families in the neighborhood and recognizing a friendly face when I push the stroller down the street. There are so many sweet neighbors! Lots of stay-at-home (and equally as many working) mommas. And lots of sweet babies and kiddos.

One of my neighbors is actually an old sorority sister of mine too. (I sound like an old lady... hmm... "young sorority sister" sound better?) Anyways she and I have been swapping babies! Melissa had her son Braden just 6 weeks after I had Lilleigh. While that makes a big different developmentally for the moment, they are practically the same age, which is lots of fun - and convenient! Neither of us have family in town to help us, so for the past couple of months, we've been each taking a day to watch both babies while the other goes out to run errands, go to doctors appointments, or whatever personal stuff they need to get done. It's been fabulous! You wouldn't believe how much I can get done without a little one to get in and out of the car seat, set up in the grocery cart or stroller, change poop diapers, listen to cry because I'm not going fast enough... the list goes on. I love my Lilleigh. But it truly is amazing how fast I can go without her! Not to mention the fact that I can actually flip through my coupons without thoughts of her having a melt down in the store racing through my mind. All that to say, these swaps are a blessing!

Lilleigh and Braden

I also have one other sweet neighbor Tristyn who comes over to watch Lil often. She just loooves babies. And since she and her hubby (Sean, who I led Young Life with - small world!) don't have kids yet, I encourage her to borrow mine. :) Really though, Tristyn is one of those few people that doesn't get phased by a baby crying, blow outs, spit up, {insert other distasteful baby outburts} and her willingness to love on my child - and to give me time every so often to run to the store alone - blesses me.

I just love our neighborhood!


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